Title V Air Permitting and Compliance

Ecotek has helped clients navigate the complex Federal Title V Air Permitting and compliance process. The Title V program is mandated by the Federal Clean Air Act Amendments. Title V expands the permitting requirements to many facilities, regardless of the existing air permitting programs at state or local levels. Ecotek services include:

  • Monitoring and evaluating regulations as they evolve and their impact on client facilities
  • Evaluating Title V applicability to determine if facilities are required to comply with Title V. The key element of this analysis is to determine if any existing mechanism could, if implemented, exclude a facility from Title V
  • Developing the Title V facility permit application, including extensive background information
  • Developing compliance programs to help customers plan and implement the best possible long-term solutions for Title V compliance

Ecotek was the first consulting firm to remove Title V facility from the Title V program.