The Company

Ecotek is committed to provide high quality and innovative environmental consulting services and information technology products to a variety of commercial, industrial, institutional and governmental clients. Our friendly and professional staff of engineers, consultants and programmers, offers outstanding personalized services, commitment and experience at all levels of project execution.

You can rely on Ecotek for compliance needs in all regulatory areas including air, water, hazardous materials, and waste. We can help you solve your compliance problems, and develop proactive environmental management strategies that help you:

  • Anticipate the environmental impacts of your operations,
  • Take measures to reduce emissions and comply with regulations,
  • Find ways to take advantage of the new business opportunities that are derived from utilizing the principals of environmental management.

A strategy that relies on the principles of environmental management:

  • Lowers the total costs of compliance.
  • Reduces wastes in advance of regulations.
  • Expands markets for pollution-prevention technologies.
  • Creates new operating procedures and industrial processes.
  • Improves energy efficiency.
  • Identifies new sources of savings, revenues, and customer service.
  • Improves your Company image.
  • Results in a new competitiveness.
  • Creates a new bottom line!

Along with conventional consulting services, Ecotek applies technology to manage compliance. Our information technology capabilities are unique in the industry and provide time-saving, practical solutions to complex problems. We develop software, internet systems, web sites, and databases for our customers. Services include design of data collection instruments, data entry, data reduction and reporting, as well as commercial and custom software development.

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    Environmental Services Ecotek is an environmental problem solving company. We form partnerships with clients to solve their regulatory compliance problems. We help clients - commercial, industrial, manufacturing, and institutional - implement programs to manage regulatory impacts.
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    Data Management Ecotek provides data management services to private and public sector clients. Services include design of data collection instruments, data entry, data reduction, and reporting.
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    Software Applications Ecotek performs commercial and custom software development. Commercial packages such as Annual Emission Reporting Program, and custom software development for specific needs.